FMHVibe Logo

I was tasked with the job in order to rebrand Football Manager Handheld website With over 20,000 members mostly male the aim of the logo is to be recognisable and versatile across multiple platforms of social media including forums, advertisements and social media.

Current logo:


Looking at their current logo they have tried to incoperate the chevron/V stylisation as well as their name. While this means the chevron can be pulled out and works in cases such as an avatar. However while it works for the versatility I feel the logo isn’t very recognisable and doesn’t really convey any message on what the website is.
I do however like the use of the font weighting to separate the game title to the website name in order to draw attention to the game in which will attract the target audience’s attention.


For my research I looked through design sites for the word Vibe. Vibe has many connotations often meaning vibrant or style and I intend to use this to my advantage.


Vibe Clothing:

This logo is look at the more “street” side of the Vibe meaning. It uses a “bubble stylisation”  while remaining professional. The logo is targeted at teenager boys so fits the target audience but the style of font shows they are a certain type of fashion where as FMHVIbe is more inclined on technology so in my opinion should fit more of a wide variety of fashions and should look more modern.

The use of text however is very versatile and the lines in the middle mean it can be easily recoloured with ease to fit any situation.


Feel Good Vibes:

Looking at this poster made me think about different font types and allowed me to compare the shaping of letters as not just straight letters but shapes. This opened my eyes up to modifying fonts beyond anything I have done before in order to make them seem unique and bring personality to the logo and/or each letter in order to convey a message without symbols as FMHVibe have done with their logo.


Wave V:

This V symbol is very unique and modern. It uses multiple layers and effects in order to display  a clear and concise symbolism of a product. However the problem I find with this logo is that it doesn’t display much on its own and while it is recognisable I feel it isn’t showing anything off of a business.



The Vine logo uses the V symbolism like the previous logo. This one however uses a brand colour in order to help identify and is more clear. The use of the font to make the symbol look like a face gives an indication about the type of business Vine is and establishes the brand to the user.



This is a logo I like massively. I feel the font is clean and it provides a nice, professional output that can be transferred over to any media easily as well as modified quickly. This is the type of logo that I feel FMHVibe will need for theirs however the font looks more feminine with it being hand written and is perhaps not of the style of a technology based site such as PC Gamer (logo below).


Logo development:

Upon finishing my research I started to develop the logo. From my research I found that a clean cut font such as PC Gamer’s is the best choice but using the “Vibe” aspect can be a powerful tool in order to promote the site and be recognisable to the user.  I also want to try and implement the way Feel Good Vibes has modified the text to give it personality. I also want to combine this with FMHVibe’s use of font stylisation to separate the FMH from the Vibe to give an identification to the game name so the target audience can identify it.



While designing I looked at the i as the weak part and sought to add a dot above it however doing so made it look out of place and drew attention to it so I scrapped it and this the final shape I went for. I feel the font pushed together gives it a unique feeling to it and especially considering the font is modern like the PC Gamer one. I feel the defining feature of the h and v merging together makes the image go as a whole as it gives a sense of brand identity and doesn’t separate out the game from the brand and the dot on the end of the e adds a unique element into it that makes it different from other logos of a similar nature. The font style was open and free for commerical use so it fitted what I wanted though I tried out several font types from –


I then looked at the colouring and while the site’s primary colour is yellow I wanted to showcase the versatility of the logo as I believe this is a big part of branding in modern society with logos having to be replicated over a multitude of different things such as social networking and videos. I feel make the Vibe vibrant makes the word and iconography go hand in hand and draws the user’s attention to it making them remember it more and this is perfect for a site having to compete with similar named sites.



In order to show that it worked I placed it upon their website in a mock up and I feel it fitted it perfectly not only adding colour to the site but bringing a degree of professionalism which was previously not seen with the other logo. The logo can also be replicated on T-Shirts easily in which was another requirement for the logo as they require it to be monetise themselves. The use of only two colours will also be a benefit as it will require cheaper printing compared to multi-toned images.


The last requirement was to make sure that it suited social media. For this I designed their Facebook page and Twitter Header. The logo worked very well in comparison to the Twitter and Facebook layouts and was still in full effect even when smaller meaning the brand recognition was very strong despite being at a lower image size in which is something I worked hard to ensure.ImageImage

Overall I am very happy with how this project turned out. I feel the logo is very easy to be recognised even when small and it is professional as opposed to their old logo. These were my two main aims in the project so I feel that I have succeeded and though it may not be the most creative logo out there I feel the simplicity is what makes the logo so effective and is its appeals.


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