Portfolio Website

a981815019b68987047ab9186d938aeeFor Bournemouth University I was tasked with making a Portfolio website. This was my first attempt at combining HTML, CSS and Javascript together to make a professional and responsive page showing off my work. I’m very pleased with the outcome of it. I feel it is modern and combines current trends as well as the rule of thirds with unique design. With the page being aimed at potential employers I had to make it easy to navigate due to them often not having much time to look over my portfolio. Therefore I made the navigation simple and easy to use with no thrills to save time.



In the future I am looking to make the background something different other than block colours such as a neutral picture that is blurred as I feel this will make the page more unique and stand out compared to  other portfolio websites. Also I want to modify my header as it is rather basic where as a logo will give a better recognition of me and showcase my creativity more. Though as my first full Portfolio website I am very pleased with the outcome. You can check it out at http://declanbarry.net.


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