Vitalise Audio/Video Project – Ideas


As part of my Bournemouth University course in Digital Media design a group of 6 of us were tasked with making an audio/video project for future technology on a specific subject. We chose Health as this topic and felt this would be the most interesting to produce videos for.

Initially we thought about doing ability enhancing pills however upon further development we felt this would be hard to record and could convey negative messages with pill abuse. We then thought about shots after being inspired by drinks such as Monster that boost a person’s energy.

Following this we looked at what we could do for the videos and while we looked at doing warning videos in a similar light to the drink abuse and speeding. This is what we initially settled upon though after pitching our ideas we decided that promotional would open up a whole new scope for interesting videos in which can include humour too ; as well as a more developed website to accompany it.

While doing this we also designed a logo and focused upon the versatility and practicality of it. When thinking of ideas we all agreed upon signifying the drink based aspect of it. I personally went for shots of multiple colours thinking that each shot could be a different colour and while my team agreed this was a good idea the logo was very generic.


In the end we decided to go for Aaron’s idea of the logo in which is a shot with liquid being poured out. We felt this was simplistic but recognisable. It was also very easy to translate to different mediums such as websites and T-Shirts as displayed below. The colour red was chosen as it is empowering and we felt the drinks boost and empower the user making them capable of more things.Image


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