Spinoscope Project – Brief

At Bournemouth University we were set a project to make an animation suitable for a Spinoscope. The Spinoscope was based off of the Rotoscope in which was invented in 1915 by Max Fleischer and was a drum that could spin with images to the side. Each image would then be seen from a slot and the memory process would then replace the image with the next one so it looks like it will be moving. This was essentially the start of frames so I find it an interesting first project and while I have done animation it has all been 3D animation with automated movement in so it would be nice to view it from a “raw” perspective. This project will aim to teach me use of frames and basic movement to create animation in frames without using things like tweens as in Adobe Flash.

I’m interested in seeing how this will pan out and what I can come up with as while I have ideas I currently have nothing concrete.


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