Vitalise Audio/Video Project – Production


After our ideas phase we split into two teams with three doing the videos and three doing the website. I was responsible for the website side of the production and to do this I mocked up a brief professional looking site in order to get an idea of what we are wanting to design. I then shared this with my colleagues and upon modifications we removed the store feature for the time being in order to focus on the idea of promotion to go with our time demands.

The aim of the website goes with  Maeda’s theory of simplicity and how things must be simple enough to use but complex enough to keep interesting we went with a standard, professional looking website with no thrills, However we also pictures stylised and rotating to attract the user’s attention.


As the leader of my group I initially created the CSS files and web structure to allow the other two to work on their sides with the base layer done. Thus this made working together on a consistent website a lot easier and quicker to produce. I feel overall this method was a great way to express our creativity while also giving the design and website continuity for it and both of my team agreed too that it worked out well.


To summarise I feel the task was a very big success on our part. We worked very well in the team unit together bringing originality and consistency to the website.

The website itself I feel is highlighted best by Steve Jobs’ view on design in which he says “Design is not just what it looks like. Design is how it works” and using this as our basis we created a functional and professional looking website in which makes the company very believable. I am particularly happy with the way the video page looks as it used the Maede simplicity but complexity viewpoint very well in the way it displayed its content to look interesting while not overfilling the page with colour or objects.

On the other hand I feel the page is too “flat” in the aspect that everything is on the same level where as if things were gradiented such as the header then they will pop out grabbing the user’s attention.


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