Spinoscope Project

When I first started the Spinoscope project I didn’t know what I wanted to do. The brief simply said to make something for a Spinoscope that shows frame animations. With this being a 12 frame animation there wasn’t anything complex that I could do. I looked online and most of the examples involved a horse as shown here: http://bechahns.tumblr.com/image/5680481529.

Initially I thought about doing a weather cycle however the transition of the sun moving and then the clouds would take up a lot more than 12 frames alone or it would be very fast movement and would “jump”. Therefore expanding this idea I decide to just use one. I then came up with the idea of the Sun moving across the screen and the fade to night but when I drew this by hand it was quite boring to watch. The other idea I had was to make a raincloud with rain pouring down. This was then the idea I expanded on because it was a) Easy to loop and b) Simple to execute.

I first sketched a rough idea out but then I took these and developed them using Photoshop to make them more presentable as I am by my own admission a terrible “physical” artist. The results of my Photoshop work is below as these are two of my frames.



I then decided to test these out using Flash in order to see the flow of the animation and its effects with looping. I decided that this would be the easiest way to do it as it means I can quickly edit them without having to print them out in which could waste a lot of time and money. After this I tweaked my images so they were more simplistic using only gradients and shadows to make the shapes and cutting out detailing on the cloud like I originally had. I feel this worked better as when printed it wouldn’t lose detail and I was very happy with the “cartoon” look it provided. I felt this was especially fetching given this was the main starting point of animation such as Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Betty Boop.

I have made my full animation into one piece so it is viewable on the web. You can find it here –


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