Spinoscope Project – Summary

I found the Spinoscope project very easy. While it was interesting learning the principles and history of 2D animation I feel the 3D animation I did at College and beyond meant that the goals that were wanted to be achieved were already known before I did the project. However working with a Spinoscope was quite interesting in itself as it allowed me to work on physical animation of raw frames instead of just visual animation on a screen with a lot of tweening and computer generated steps.

I probably won’t continue this project in the future though as I feel this would be no benefit to me as I feel I have achieved everything I can learn from this during my trial and error phase. Also the production value for a project like this is huge as long animations would take a lot of time and money to do for very little reward. I would however look at doing more detailed pieces but this would be difficult to then print without buying an expensive printer.


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