Flash Animation with Audio Project

At Bournemouth University we were tasked to make an abstract piece of animation based off of animation’s history. We looked at Norman McLaren’s animation using the scratching out of film tape in which created shapes and lines that then moved in time with music. Inspired by this we had to make an abstract piece using Adobe Flash and Garageband.


Initially I looked at the idea of doing an equalizer type design based off of the harmony between the music and each individual image in order to create a bigger one. For this I looked at YouTube channels that use them such as http://youtube.com/Monstercat and http://youtube.com/GoingQuantam.


I then experimented with this on Flash however I couldn’t find a way of doing this that made the piece look abstract or different from what is previously available. However, I did like the way the circles would appear so I developed this further. Using this I came up with the idea of circles moving around a screen appearing and then disappearing. There would only be one primary colour and the rest would be shades to create a more eye catching design. Each circle will be of a different size in order to add variety.


While I started with circles I felt the rings looked better and created a more interesting design. When you look at rights together it shows them intertwining to create a feeling of togetherness. The togetherness created an interesting concept of the effects of each shape on not only themselves but each other. I decided that I wouldn’t have every transition lining up as I felt this would create diversity however my tutors gave me feedback and said it was too predictable with the timings of each frame being the same distance. I agreed with this so I went away and looked at my animation then played around with the animation changes in correlation to the beat. I feel matching them up allowed me to have more time to experiment at the end of the piece too instead of just having colour changes. I decided on skewing the circles and making them move as if a they were a unit. I feel this would continue the continuity of the togetherness and bond between items when positioned near each other. This theory of relational art by Nicolas Bourriaud is something I applied very successfully in my opinion.

My final piece is found here – http://declanbarry.net/animationprojectversion2.swf.

In future I hope to expand this to more animations such as squares and other shapes.


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