Flash Animation with Audio Project – Summary

The animation project using Flash wasn’t something I particularly enjoyed. However I feel the project benefited me in the sense I learned about the importance of syncing animation with music and creating abstract art. I feel my biggest lesson was that timing is important and too rigid timing can lead to a boring piece of art. I was also quite disappointed with Garageband. While I was very excited to get experimenting with this I feel music production wasn’t for me as I didn’t find it very gripping however I can not put my finger on why this was. I am therefore going to try and produce something more complex with it inspired by EDM and see if that is more what I wish to do.

While I didn’t like the project it was one I had a lot of ideas for and feel that expanding on this may spark my interest in animation more. I have done a bit of 3D animation before and I found the more I did it the more enjoyable and memorable it was for me. I wish to replicate this with 2D art animation.


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