Alphabet Photography Project – Summary

Upon completion of the Alphabet Photography Project I am going to review it to see what I did well, what I did poorly and relate back to the brief’s learning aims.

Initially I was excited for the task and I thought it would be quite easy. However when starting it was very hard to find letters and in particular B and D. While some were relatively easy to find I didn’t realise the creativity and vision needed to find some letters such as the A. The letters appeared in unusual places and I feel this opened my mind up to looking at objects in a different way in which I am very happy with. The experimentation with the DLSR also allowed me to experience a real camera and put more effort into photography and I really enjoyed it as a whole. I feel I would benefit by spending more time using a DLSR so I will be looking into purchasing one soon.

As with the editing I am not overly happy with the result. While I like how they look individually I feel the collective piece isn’t as effective as I imagined. I am going to experiment with this some more and focus on the editing to try and come up with an image that looks good as a whole while not shifting focus off of the letters.


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