Kinetic Typography Project – Brief

By my tutors at Bournemouth University I have been set a Kinetic Typography project. I have been a huge admirer of Kinetic Typography in the past but I have never done any work on it myself, therefore I am quite intrigued to delve into it and use After Effects. However, I imagine this project will be very time consuming due to my inexperience with both the program and the style of animation.

This being said I am quite disappointed with the 15 second clip given as an example and I am going to seek my own out. The clip they gave was a trailer from the movie ‘Gravity’ and in my opinion this isn’t the best choice for the project. I believe this is the case because the dialogue isn’t very exciting and quite repetitive. I listened to the audio without seeing the trailer and from this I learned that the dialogue isn’t very interesting as most of the sound on the screen is special effects and the dialogue is in relation to what is seen. I decided to research this further and look at other people’s Kinetic Typography on YouTube in which they did them for movies. I found the majority of them were similar and the end results were very boring and uncreative. I feel with Gravity’s dialogue this would be even more so as it repeated the words and sentences through the 15 second piece. With all this in mind I feel I am going to look into songs, speeches or dialogue as these don’t require any visual queues to be understood and instead can be interpreted and have visual queues added in how I want.


I am hoping to learn how to use After Effects competently with this project but also how to draw emphasis to what I want through the use of displaying text onto the screen and making it stand out.


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