Kinetic Typography – Summary

I really enjoyed the Kinetic Typography Project. While I wasn’t too thrilled with video editing as I have tried it a bit before and wasn’t that keen I really enjoyed the project and found it extremely rewarding. As an admirer of the works before I did this I have appreciated them even more since and I am really happy with my result. With this project working on timings I feel I have vastly improved and learnt many techniques on this such as following soundwaves to find the right sections to animate and I think with more practice I can get this perfect.

The project also aimed at teaching the basics of After Effects and I feel I ticked that box comfortably and I am very confident on the program now doing the basic controls and I wish to delve deeper into this. In fact now that this project has finished it has opened up including Video Editing shorts or game play videos for YouTube, doing more Kinetic Typography on other music I like or other types of media. I thoroughly enjoyed the After Effects project and now that this is over I am very eager to explore this more and see what I can come up with. It has made me appreciate video editing and like it more as while I was self taught I found it daunting but it has given me confidence to explore this area of media again.


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