FMHVibe Rebranding with Tom Hawkins – Brief

As seen in a previous blog entry I redesigned’s brand logo. While this was something I was initially happy with decision regarding the logo but as time went on the lack of vector image and when resized to small for a favicon or general design use it wasn’t very recognisable or readable making it hard for a user to identify the image. Also a few discussions with the team working there showed that they didn’t particularly like the way the h and the v merged. This looked ok with one colour but the two colours made it look strange as if the v was being put behind in which wasn’t the intention.

To solve this I decided to take on a more managerial role and work with Tom Hawkins on this and oversee the project using the base I already started with. Tom has significant experience in logo design for brands and with an impending expansion I felt this was a good opportunity to pass on my creative direction to another person in order to see the bigger difference. For me it will be a massive change from being the designer but one I am relishing as it allows me to set briefs and talk about work in a professional environment by analysing work and looking at modifications for the task.


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