FMHVibe Rebranding with Tom Hawkins



I briefed Tom on the logo and showed him my previous logos. After that he came back to me with this idea. I liked the font and felt it was exactly what we were after as it is clean yet modern showing the cutting edge of the forum. I said to Tom I like this but expressed concern with the ball. I liked the idea but I was concerned about the intricity of the design as I feel if it is scaled down to a favicon it will lose its detailing and be a circle.

I also questioned the e merging into the icon as I feel it may not work with non-circular shapes. Tom then sent me this image the next day, we both mutually agreed this doesn’t work with the detailing and the design. Due to this communication got more and more it slowly evolved and changed into a more coherent design.



We went back and forth on the designs and I suggested using a tie. I felt this represented the game well and the shape and design means even when small would be still easily recognisable due to the lack of small shapes needed. At this part I was very pleased with how the project was going and the developments Tom sent me and how we went backwards and forwards to further the project. I felt the communication we had was consistent and always productive so I was thrilled with this.




During this development I sent Tom this mock up of a potential design. We both agreed that this was a good concept as the icon was recognisable and with his text and adding detail it can be very versatile but instantly recognisable to fans. He then went away and put his own spin on my design and came back with a design that were in my opinion spot on. He has made a design that fitted my brief and I feel the communication was key to this. He also showcased other games and how it can work for them, this was very impressive as he took the project to the next level to show that it checked all the boxes that I set initially.




Overall Tom’s work was brilliant and our constant talking and me sending my ideas to him for development worked well. The logo fits all the needs and as seen in the picture above it can be modified in a number of ways while not losing the branding that will be key as it will be used across many mediums.


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