FMHVibe Rebranding with Tom Hawkins – Summary

I have been working with Tom Hawkins about the FMHVibe Rebrand. I took a more managerial role in the development of this logo creation and I felt this was a great decision. Tom is a very talented artist and he managed to create exactly what I sent to the brief. Our communication was constant and always productive and I felt our design styles really complimented each other.


The project allowed me to collaborate with someone and establish a link that I can utilise in the future but also was a learning process as it meant I can make a brief for another person and see how coherent it is and find a style that can be productive as well as easily manageable. This is something I have never done before with another designer as they are often for me however giving someone feedback allowed and seeing them produce has bettered me as a designer in my opinion. Watching and influencing another person’s work flow has made me think about how I deal with projects and tips that could make me be more productive. I definitely enjoyed doing this project and taking a less hands on role and would like to do it again in the future as working with someone who is really talented and better my initial plans by getting a second view on them.


I will be working with Tom again soon as we look to continue this rebranding with an overarching brand for these potential websites. We will be looking at making the logo similar to the ones we have produced in this project yet with its own unique stylisation. I am hopeful this will be another successful project working with Tom in which ends with some great portfolio work for him and a very usable logo for FMHVibe.


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