Learning Processing 1

As part of my University course and to get into Java I am learning Processing. Admittedly I was sceptical about this at first however I found this very fun and went away from the Workshop excited and eager to learn more. I learnt the basics of Processing and found it very similar to Javascript and CSS and I feel this helped with the learning curve. The codes were simple but showed an effect and the outcome was impressive to me for such a short space of time given my limited knowledge on it beforehand. I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to make processing draw shapes and lines as well as manipulate them through the size using a random value or a responsive amount such as height/2. During the lesson we explored using the mouse to manipulate where the lines were drawn and I went away and searched how to make something active or inactive upon a mouse click.


An image showing the lines reacting to the mouse movement to draw (background removed for demonstration purposes).

I found it all very straight forward to manipulate as opposed to when I first learned HTML and CSS. The fact the commands are straight forward without much formatting made a difference in terms of enjoyment. I also like the complexity that can come, hooking into the Twitter API or making Motion Capture displays sounds really interesting and I cannot wait to dive into it.

The code after Lesson 1 is below:

void setup () {


void draw() {
//this is a point
//this is a line
//this is a circle


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