Inspirations for the Project

Having previously discussed my aims for the project I hadn’t touched upon what inspired me to make it. With the idea revolving around privacy and the panopticon theory I researched ideas into this such as CCTV surveillance. This led me to think about how secretive most cameras are and how easily you could track people going shopping if you had the power to. Inspired by this I remembered watching many films and television shows when I was younger where people cut out the eyes of a painting to look through them – the most notable is the animated series of Scooby Doo. Thinking about how absurd and comical the thought of this was I quite liked it as it took a light hearted approach to quite a serious and debated issue in society. It also reminded me of the Harry Potter series in which I am a big fan of and their “moving paintings”. The thought of movement on something very classic and recognised is like a reimagining of the medium to bring it up to date and for me this has great appeal as it can make something already very famous and give the opportunity for people to see it and interact with it in a totally new way.

download HPatPoA-paintings

Scooby Doo and Harry Potter


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