Digitial Art v Paintings

Online there are many interesting debates between digital art and paintings. As my project is based upon modernising paintings and therefore turning them into digital art. There are many differing viewpoints upon this subject on the internet, traditionalists calling “Digital Art is not real art, and you’re a fool for thinking so.” They say that only old techniques where mistakes cannot be erased or undone make true art forms and the rest are just hacks or cheats in an attempt to make truly stunning and memorable art. To these people the Mona Lisa and similar paintings are the only lastable art without ever losing appeal or age.

However a more modernist approach is fairer, they argue that art is art no matter how it is done. One saying
“I think about it this way: There are many arts. There are several branches of art. I believe that traditional and digital art can exists in harmony under the visual art section. This argument is futile. It’s like comparing a painting to a drawing. (Or maybe oil pastels to a colored pencil). Everyone has their own preferences. I personally think that digital art is easier to produce, as well as faster. Not to mention you can correct mistakes that would ruin the entire picture if it were traditional. Then again, nothing can compare to the feeling of creating something new and unique and stir up the pensive feeling of pride you get when ever you complete a traditional piece of work… but who says you won’t get the same feeling as when you do the same on a computer, or likewise? Comparing Digital and Traditional art is like comparing your two most favorite foods or colors. Both have their own unique qualities that you adore about them, but both are also rather different, too. In the end, both rock.”
They can understand both’s benefits, the traditional can still look beautiful and has appeal the digital can bring something more – deeper colours, more contrast and even the element of interaction; one in which my project is bringing to the traditional.

My project ties the traditional and modern together to make a piece truly unique and something that can be memorable. Digital art is personally my preference as I prefer the concise, easily reproducible look of the digital as well as the interactivity between the audience and the piece. I feel this creates long lasting impressions and joy previously unseen in paintings, despite being technically amazing and looking stunning. I hope to also prove that there can be traditional and digital art co-existing in galleries and even in one piece; as mine is.


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