Creating the Installation 1

Recently I have been looking at my installation and what I need. This has mainly been research up until now and design mock ups. With this I have found OpenCV library really helpful as there is a core face tracking code that can be used to start my project. This gives me a good, strong foundation to begin with however I must not get complacent as it is only a foundation and from a brief look I know that there are things needing to be changed – such as detecting only one face not multiple and finding midpoint of the face.

For the painting I have decided upon the Mona Lisa, the design choice behind this is that the painting is perhaps the most famous and recognisable in the World. Everyone knows about it and has seen it, they know it is a painting so isn’t digital and this is a core fundamental of my project as people need to know it is a painting made digital to understand the panopticon principle behind it.

I started by resizing the Mona Lisa image; with my plan of having it on two screens, and setting the scene with imported libraries, image loading and drawing the eyes. All these simple but important steps meant that I had a significant start going into the meeting with my lecturer in order to help with my track the faces; in which I tested had worked.

monalisa1 monalisa2 monalisa3

Mock ups of my project 


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