Creating the Installation 3

My mouse tracking Mona Lisa is complete and it has been very helpful. The time I worked on it allowed me to  gain confidence in my project and grasp an understanding on how the face tracking installation will be achieved.

This testing with the mouse gave me a lot of information and granted me the ability to test how the installation would look once finished and on the whole I am very happy with how it reacts and when starting with my initial aim in mind it wasn’t far off what I had visualised.

Following the testing I  have come to the conclusions that a dual-monitor display wouldn’t look good so I would be better to “set a scene” in which would be a framed painting and a faux-wall. This would give my painting an environment that still positions it central but means I can use the whole screen.  I also have decided that the yes lack detail and are a bit too large, adding a stroke and changing the pupil size would give it more room to navigate on the screen and a stroke would give an “eye colour” making it more appealing visually.

With the mouse tracking I set up the eyes and the tracking to a point, this work means that it can be easily modified for the use with face tracking and as I know it works well a conversion to the faces would be easier than if I had just started to do faces from the start. While I did struggle initially to get the eyes to track the mouse pointer as I didn’t realise before void setup() I needed to determine vectors. However this was easy to fix once I had figured it out and the code was very simple too. Figuring out such a basic problem in a simpler code was a lot easier and therefore saved me a lot of time when coming to my final project that would have contained more complex code and would have been harder to determine.

Overall I am happy with how the project is panning out, thanks to my tutor’s suggestion I have managed to overcome a major hurdle of the project and see how the project would look in the long run. Due to this I have made some critical choices and changes that I feel will benefit the project in the long run

My mouse tracking project in action:


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