Creating the Installation 4

Before I start modifying my code from mouse to face tracking I have worked on changing the image. I started by researching the Mona Lisa frame and wall that is currently used in real life. Like most gallery’s the wall used is a plain, light canvas so this will be easier to recreate with a few textures and a choice of the right colour. The frame on the other hand is the polar opposite and very complex and detailed as well as quite thick. For the real painting this wouldn’t be a problem but adding such a thick, detailed frame would mean for my digital version the eyes; in which are the main focus, will be very small and not as capturing to the audience. Due to this I have decided not to mimic the frame but instead go for quite a simplistic, gold frame that is thin.  I feel allowing the painting and the eyes to be larger will be more appealing and the frame won’t grab attention anyway.

A 1920×1080 resolution allows me to cater for the highest the monitor will be that it will be displayed on while easily scaling down without losing quality; in which scaling up will do. However In a 1920×1080 image there isn’t a lot of space to put very high detailed work and still have a focal point that is less than 100 pixels. Yet I have to work with where it will be displayed and the monitors aren’t huge so will be a maximum of 1080p.


The new Mona Lisa background


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