Creating the Installation 5

The installation is really getting under way now and I have started modifying my code from the mouse test to include the face camera.

Initially I was a bit baffled with how to map it, I could get the eyes to appear when it detects a face but they wouldn’t move. Initially I tried to change face to a PVector but it wouldn’t convert from a rectangle. However defining the Vector and choosing the centre point of the face and then converting its location made them appear. Though with such a small camera it was always pointing to the top, I thought a quick fix for this would be changing the camera resolution and while this worked it wasn’t stable and would cause “lag”. To solve this I thought doing location * 6 would be a work around but after a few hours I couldn’t figure out how to implement this into the face tracking code. Eventually I looked at mapping and to my surprise it worked with relatively no hassle. The next problem I encountered was that my pupils weren’t appearing, I could tell by taking out the eye base that the pupils were moving. This then proved to be a simple problem to fix and was simply me drawing the eyes after the pupils as I called them in before I made the eyes. Moving the eyes code up to the top of void draw() fixed this.

I then decided to ask my house mate to test this version out, we noted that after a quick test the pupil doesn’t draw when no face is detected and that a pupil is drawn for each of the faces on the screen; causing multiple at times. This testing proved significant and I was happy these could be recognised before getting to the space.


Disappearing eyes was one of the problems I encountered


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