Creating the Installation 6

Fixing the two problems wasn’t as easy as I had hoped but it was necessary. Early on I diagnosed the problem for the multiple faces as a for statement  but removing this would cause an initialization error and cause Processing to crash. This got me very worried so I asked for help on this part. Advice that was given was to not copy the pupil code on the else statement that I had created for the no face detection but instead call them. This made me code a lot neater and more understandable. I believe this helped me figure it out and after a few days of tweaking and testing the code I had diagnosed the issue and it seemed to fix both my problems and made the project workable and in my eyes complete pending testing. However I did add code in to make the installation full screen so it looked better overall without the bars of the computer being displayed, I feel this makes the project more immersive.

In order to test I got two of my house mates to come and check it, with this I could confirm both issues were fixed and it allowed me to get feedback and genuine reactions on my project.

The feedback they gave me was very positive, they had fun with the project and moved their heads a lot to get the Mona Lisa to follow them. They laughed at the comedic set up that was placed on the project with the large eyes and I feel this worked in the project’s favour. The eyes being the size and style they were made it more appealing and in the opinion of my testers more enjoyable to interact with.


My final project being displayed


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