Additional Testing

After testing in the environment I then went away and looked at what could be achieved and any additional improvements. As I based it off of movies and people cutting the eyes out of paintings I looked at maybe making this style. However cutting out the of the painting and having smaller eyes moving around this space made the Mona Lisa look possessed and the project less comical; in which I had very positive feedback about. The look given wasn’t something that I felt worked and detracted from the eye movement that is the core attraction of the installation. While the idea worked in theory it didn’t seem to have the same effect on the audience or the same look as the more comical, oversized eyes overlaid.


The modified eyes to look more like realistic makes the installation¬†“horror-esque”

However I did tweak around with the limitations after a suggestion from my tutor to make the eyes move less so it feels like it is looking more at the person all the time. Halving the limit so the pupils only come half way out of the centre of the eyes did just this and improved my project in my opinion. It felt like the Mona Lisa was looking at the subject than in their general direction.


The new limitation on the eyes makes the Mona Lisa look like she is looking more at the user


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