Final testing of my installation

Today I tested the final version of my project upon my friends and family. I wanted to gauge a reaction and see if everything worked as it intended as it would in the space. This was very successful, it engaged the audience and made them smile/laugh as they participated with the installation. Unlike the space of the Weymouth House atrium the audience had more time to take in the piece and I this allowed me to test the project more.

My eyes worked as intended, they didn’t go through any problems as previously encountered; with duplicate pupils, and they recognised the faces and moved accordingly to their limits. I am pleased with how it came across and the audience’s reaction to the project. I am even happier that the project worked as intended and how I first visualised the project when coming up with the ideas. One of the testers said “it worked really well and it was a bit creepy how she followed you” and how they touched upon the following showcases that my theory strongly came through and provoked a reaction related to privacy.

A video of the project in action during the final test


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